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Staged Homes Are Ready to Sell and More Likely to be Shown by Realtors.

According to a 2006 national survey of realtors and staging professionals, homes listed for sale without staging spent an average of 4.5 months on the market. In contrast, homes that are staged before listing were on the market for an average of 1.5 months. The survey also noted significant increases in sales prices for staged homes, on the average 6.9% - 10% depending on the area of the country.

This data is supported by a 2003 HomeGain survey that home staging often pays for itself, and then some, by boosting the final selling price. This same research confirms that staged homes show better than competing homes for sale. Photos of staged homes look much better in print and in internet advertising. Staged homes are recognized by realtors as properties that are ready to sell and they are more likely to show the property. Likewise, buyers recognize that staged homes are the best homes to view.

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